Sky Sports Channel Rebrand

Channel rebranding for Sky Sports Germany. From show opener to bumper and beyond — we created a recognizable system where each channel has it’s own visual signature.

More info, stills and concept frames:

Sky Deutschland
Senior Vice President Creative Services + Creative Director: Bill Browning | Senior Designer + Design Director Creative Services: Daniela Kühn | Senior Project Manager: Sandra Gerber | Project Manager: Greta Winkelvoss | Audio Designer: Adnan Alicic | Head of Audio (Creative Services): Christian Obermaier

Woodblock Production
Director: Tim Jockel | Producer: Selina Schmitt | Artists: Tim Jockel | Florian Panzer | Markus Eschrich | David Weidemann | Mitra Navab-Pour | Roman Kaelin | Sarah Eim | Paul Schicketanz | Thorsten Loeffler | Felix Deimann | Roman Hinkel | Anton Bohlin | Richard Blackburn | Chris Hummel | Lasse Clausen | Music Supervision Bestof-Edit: TRO Music | Alexis Troy — Tideshift

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